TT-EBIKE Folding Electric Bike: The Ultimate Companion for All-Terrain Adventures

TT-EBIKE Folding Electric Bike: The Ultimate Companion for All-Terrain Adventures

In the pursuit of limits and exploration, the TT-EBIKE folding electric bike redefines the concept of outdoor travel with its powerful 2000W motor and wide tire design. Whether crossing snowy terrains, beaches, mountains, or city streets, the TT-EBIKE is the ideal choice for outdoor enthusiasts.

Ultimate Power and Range

Equipped with a 2000W high-speed brushless motor, the TT-EBIKE effortlessly tackles various terrains and inclines, allowing you to enjoy speeds of up to 38MPH+. Paired with a 48V 23AH large-capacity lithium battery, it not only provides more than 80 miles of riding range but also boasts over 1000+ charging cycles, making long-distance travel easy and far-reaching.

Comprehensive Safety System

Designed for adults, the TT-EBIKE not only boasts powerful performance but also emphasizes riding safety. Its dual suspension system, including a lockable adjustable dual shoulder front fork and rear shock absorber, effectively absorbs vibrations, reducing joint impact during rides. Front and rear dual disc brakes ensure quick and safe stopping when exploring diverse terrains.

Multiple Riding Modes

The TT-EBIKE offers various riding modes, including pure electric, pedal assist, walk assist, and classic bicycle modes, to meet your different riding needs. With 5 levels of speed selection in pedal assist mode and a professional 7-speed gear system, it is the superior choice for both long-distance travel and daily exercise.

Innovative Design and Portability

Beyond performance and safety, the TT-EBIKE also features an innovative folding design, making it easy to store and transport, turning the wide tires from a space waste into a convenience. Additionally, by attaching cargo and pet boxes, the TT-EBIKE extends its use further, satisfying a broader range of needs, whether for daily commutes or outdoor adventures.

Complete Accessories and Service

The TT-EBIKE comes equipped with a high-quality 6061 aluminum alloy frame, 600-lumen ultra-bright LED headlight and taillight, and an LCD smart display, enhancing safety and convenience during night rides. The bike is 90% pre-assembled and comes with all necessary installation tools. We promise 24-hour customer service, offering a 1-month return and a 12-month warranty policy, ensuring a worry-free riding experience.

Expanded Uses: Cargo and Pet Boxes

Cargo Box: Daily Convenience and Adventure Essential

The addition of a cargo box makes the TT-EBIKE more than just a tool for exploration and commuting; it becomes a powerful assistant in daily life. Whether for large-scale shopping or carrying important work equipment, the cargo box provides ample space to meet your needs. For outdoor adventure enthusiasts, this means being able to easily carry tents, backpacks, and other camping equipment, truly "having what you need when you need it," without compromising the joy of the journey due to equipment limitations.

Pet Box: Sharing the Journey with Your Beloved Pet

The design of the pet box allows your pet to become a companion on your travels. No more worries about leaving pets alone at home or finding pet-friendly transportation. The TT-EBIKE provides a safe and comfortable space for your pet to accompany you on outings, enjoying the fresh outdoor air and beautiful scenery. This not only strengthens the emotional bond with your pet but also provides them with a new adventure experience.


Through its powerful performance and innovative expansion functions, the TT-EBIKE folding electric bike not only enhances the convenience and joy of riding but also adds a diversity of possibilities to life. Whether for daily commutes, shopping, or enjoying outdoor adventures with family and pets, the TT-EBIKE offers a comprehensive, safe, and convenient solution. It redefines the role of electric bikes in modern life, making it an indispensable companion.