Discover the Uncharted: The TT-EBIKE 3000W Dual Motor Folding Electric Bike

Discover the Uncharted: The TT-EBIKE 3000W Dual Motor Folding Electric Bike

In an era that thirsts for speed and passion, the TT-EBIKE 3000W Dual Motor Folding Electric Bike redefines what an e-bike can be with its exceptional performance and innovative design. Crafted for adventurers and explorers at heart, this bike is not just a leap in technology but a tribute to the spirit of freedom and exploration.

The Perfect Blend of Power and Speed

Equipped with two 1500W high-speed brushless motors, the TT-EBIKE 3000W offers unmatched stable power and support, boasting incredible strength for climbing and speeds up to 38MPH. Whether gliding over snow, sand, mountains, or city streets, it empowers you to effortlessly traverse the unknown.

Endurance and Safety, Hand in Hand

Featuring a 48V 23Ah 21700 battery, it brings a lighter, more capacious, and longer-lasting ride. Whether in single motor throttle mode or dual motor full-throttle, it optimizes range under various conditions. With lockable dual suspension and dual disc brakes, it ensures a secure and stable ride across diverse terrains.

The Art of Design Meets Portability

With 26-inch wheels and 4-inch wide tires, coupled with a professional SHIMANO 7-speed transmission system, the TT-EBIKE 3000W delivers exceptional grip and control, whether on highways, snow, mountains, beaches, or off-road. Its folding design not only makes it portable but signifies that wherever your explorations lead, the TT-EBIKE remains your faithful companion.

Born for the Explorer

The TT-EBIKE 3000W is designed for those who dare to explore the unknown, who crave freedom and adventure. It's more than just an e-bike; it's a choice of lifestyle. Together, let's cross boundaries, challenge limits, and discover the beauty and mystery of our world.

At TT-EBIKE, we believe every ride is a journey of the soul. We offer not just a product, but a new way of life. Join the ranks of TT-EBIKE, where speed and passion converge, exploring every possibility life has to offer.