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TT-EBIKE Premium Folding Electric Bike with High-Capacity 48V Original Removable Battery - Efficient, Durable, and 1-Year Warranty Included

$ 299.00 USD

【UNLEASH THE POWER】Boost your e-bike to new heights with TT-EBIKE's high-performance 48V ebike battery. Elevate your riding experience with unparalleled power and efficiency.

【LONG-LASTING PERFORMANCE】Equipped with a robust capacity, TT-EBIKE's battery is engineered for endurance. Revel in extended rides and consistent performance that stands the test of time.

【RELIABLE AND SAFE】Each TT-EBIKE battery pack is rigorously tested to ensure reliability, maintaining 78% capacity even after 1000 cycles. Features include a secure safety lock, an intuitive LED battery indicator, and an energy-efficient power switch.

【QUICK CHARGE, LONG RIDE】This battery reaches full capacity in just 7 hours, setting you up for prolonged e-bike adventures. Embrace the convenience of rapid charging and the thrill of extended journeys with TT-EBIKE.

【Parameters】This 48V battery is perfectly tailored for TT-EBIKE motors, with a maximum current of 45A. For installation queries or any other questions, please contact us for prompt assistance.

Customer Care

"Experience peace of mind with TT-EBIKE: Enjoy a hassle-free 7-day return policy and a 1-year warranty on all our e-bikes. We're committed to your satisfaction and a smooth riding experience!"

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